Total ridiculous mapping of secrets utilizing external mechanical keyboard after upgrade

This concern is not about concerns remapping faster ways or altering input type.

I was offered a MacBook Pro by my work a number of months back.
Now, I have actually constantly utilized an external mechanical (Azio) keyboard (through a Dock) with it simply fine.

Recently I upgraded the OS and now the keyboard mapping is completely ridiculous and unusable. What do I indicate? Here are some example mappings:

  • If I push Esc I get ]
  • If I push Backspace I get
  • If I push qwerty I get x4ly1

Searching online hasn’t been especially helpful as many search results page reveal assist with setting up input types, languages, or faster ways.

I need to keep in mind that keyboard habits remains the exact same if I do not utilize the dock, that I do not have these concerns with my other mechanical keyboard (which is at the workplace), which the keyboard with the concerns operates simply great on my Linux and Windows systems.

My mac is running Ventura Variation 13.3.1 (22E261 ).

Thanks ahead of time.

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