ECLIPSE TD307MK3 desktop speakers evaluation: Spectacular want to choose sensational sound

There is no scarcity of desktop speakers out there, linking to your laptop computer in a range of methods. The issue is that they all look the exact same– a type of wood box, with a front fascia that can be eliminated to see a set of motorists below.

The ECLIPSE TD307 MK3 speakers are not like the others. They are a set of speakers that look more like something you may see zooming below area in an episode of the X-Files, with some smooth enclosures and sweet little motorist covers on the front. They likewise occur to sound actually actually excellent, if you hook them approximately the right hardware.

The audiophile
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The audiophile
Tammy Rogers

Tammy likes luxury audio, be that a set of speakers or very cool sets of costly earphones. She’s evaluated the similarity the Absolutely nothing Ear (2 ), all the method approximately the mega costly and extremely excellent Meze Empyreans. She evaluates devices both in a HiFi and a desktop setting, ensuring to get the very best out of the package in concern.

ECLIPSE TD307 MK3: Rate and schedule

ECLIPSE TD307 on a shelf, side view of the teardrop shape

( Image credit: Tammy Rogers/ iMore)

They will not be readily available from the normal sources, so rather you’ll need to take a look at more devoted HiFi stores, such as Richer Sounds (opens in brand-new tab) in the UK, to discover them. When you do discover them, you pay $300/ ₤ 300 per speaker, consequently purchasing them individually. There is more details about stock on the ECLIPSE site (opens in brand-new tab)

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