Item of Desire: A Tulipière for each Season

Visitors to the sell-out Vermeer exhibit at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam may discover themselves roaming through the Delftware gallery, looking for wonderful tulipières. While these tulip-holding ceramic vessels are splendid, reaching to around 4-feet high, they are not desirable precisely, and the very same can be stated for more modern offerings at museum stores. A tulipière when it’s empty can look like a human heart with arteries, and it is not constantly enhanced with flowers. Thankfully, the ceramicist Kay Schuckhart in upstate New york city has the response.

A previous art director of books and designer for fondly remembered journals like Spy, Kay chooses to deal with clay nowadays. Her ceramics company passes the name of Furbelow and Bibelot, approximately equated into less romantic language as “pleats and ornaments.”

Photography by Kay Schuckhart

Above: High tulipière by Furbelow and Bibelot (8 ″ high), made from white stoneware clay, with a clear crackle surface: $225.

Kay has actually been doing ceramics for 7 years and is more of a graphic designer than a tulip maniac, which discusses her interest in kind over historic pastiche. Nevertheless, with a long-held interest in archeology and style history, her art recommendations are en point for a good-looking tulipière shape: “I’m going for grotto-fabulous.”

Above: Smaller sized tulipière can be found in at 6-inches high, with a chocolate stoneware clay body and brushed-on white glaze ($ 125).

Kay’s very first experience in 3-D modeling remained in the kind of papier-mâché, utilizing custom-made water slide decals to integrate surface area images. “I was utilizing a great deal of seashell images, which ultimately equated into shell-encrusted tulipières.”

Above: 12-inch white stoneware tulipière ($ 375). There are numerous sizes and surfaces; contact Kay by means of her site for more information.
Above: An 8-inch chocolate clay stoneware tulipière with brushed-on white glaze: $225.

A vessel that can be utilized throughout any season. Furbelow and Bibelot will be revealing at Flower Program: Commemorate Spring! at Lyndhurst estate, NY, and at the yearly Topiaries & & Tulipières occasion at Hillside, Claverack, NY, on September 10, 2023.

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