Comics author Grant Morrison is now formally an imaginary character in the DC film universe

The most current episode of the Titans television program– influenced by DC’s Teenager Titans comics– included an especially unexpected cameo. While taking a trip through the multiverse, Gar “Monster Young boy” Logan comes across a transdimensional website that exposes on the other side of it the curious visage of a bald 60-something Scotsman, sketching a map of the multiversity from the convenience of their research study. The bald Scotsman relies on Gar, and in some way inexplicably notifications the green superhero observing him from the Bleed in between universes. “I can see you,” they state. “Can you see me?”

The bald Scotsman remains in truth a recognized DC Comics character called The Author, who was developed by Grant Morrison. The Author– whose genuine name is likewise Grant Morrison– very first appeared on-panel in Animal Male # 25 *, where they exposed to the titular hero that they were the mastermind behind all of the awful things that had actually occurred to him and his household. Not due to the fact that The Author was a terrible and terrible supervillain set on world dominance or anything– no, The Author was just doing their task, utilizing their superpowered narrative-crafting capabilities to control Animal Male’s life for the home entertainment of comics readers in our truth.

The Author had another cameo in Suicide Team # 58, in which they are hired onto the notorious group of supervillains … just to be extremely eliminated minutes into their very first objective.

To evaluate: the Grant Morrison of our truth developed an imaginary Grant Morrison who exists in DC Comics connection, and either one or both of those Grant Morrisons are likewise canonical characters within the DC Cinematic Universe. Which suggests that it is both lawfully and creatively possible that DC might make a Grant Morrison solo spin-off film or television program in which they coordinate with numerous versions of Batman and Superman and Flash and whoever else. Presuming this occurs, the script will likely be composed by Geoff Johns, who will certainly require Grant Morrison the imaginary superhero to take on in a wonderful battle of the wits with their natural archnemesis, The Initial Author

* I likewise own an autographed copy of Animal Male # 25, and now I’m beginning to question: was it signed by Grant Morrison, or by the character of The Author from the comics, or by the cinematic adjustment of The Author?

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