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To numerous vacation-goers, there is absolutely nothing like being on a cruise liner, as cruises are equivalent to drifting, all-encompassing resorts, that modification locations daily.

Since cruise liner take a trip to gorgeous, and often tropical, locations, those desiring “pictures and videos of a life time” hop aboard to get enduring memories.

For drone lovers, that likewise wish to record these memories, there is often one concern that stands apart:

Can you bring a drone on a cruise liner?

While approval to bring drones aboard cruise liner differs by cruise line, there are a couple of cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival that enable drones aboard, while other lines, like Disney and Princess, restrict drones completely.

We will have a look at 10 of the more popular cruise lines and see if drones are certainly allowed or rather restricted on their fleets of ships.

Royal Caribbean

According to Royal Caribbean, visitors of the cruise line are allowed to bring drones on their cruise. Nevertheless, there are certainly constraints that require to be headed.

Drones can be utilized on land just and beyond the port location.

For those intent on getting cool video of the ship, while aboard the ship, drones are not to be run onboard the ship at any time.

In addition, drones should be saved securely in the stateroom.

Although drones are allowed to be flown in port locations, drones are not allowed on any of Royal Caribbean’s independently owned locations, being: Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas or Labadee, Haiti.

The charge for flying drones while aboard the ship or at the Royal Caribbean-owned locations is confiscation of the drone till completion of the cruise.

Not just this, a Visitor Conduct Policy alerting will be released and visitors might undergo early disembarkation (elimination from the ship) at their own expenditure for onboard drone use.

The following is a direct quote from Royal Caribbean relating to Visitor Duty:

Visitors presume complete duty for comprehending all regional authority guidelines associated with drone use and for acquiring any needed consents for drone operations. Various nations might have various guidelines. Any liability, consisting of ecological damage from drone use is the visitor’s duty. Royal Caribbean presumes no liability for visitor drones that might be seized by regional authorities for breaking regional laws or for any mishap or injury arising from a visitor drone flight.

Royal Caribbean


Throughout the years, there has actually been a reasonable little confusion regarding whether drones are permitted aboard Carnival Cruise liner.

For a time, drones were permitted on board, for usage when disembarked. Then in 2022 their policy altered and drones were on the restricted list.

Carnival’s policy has actually been just recently upgraded and, since this short article writing, according to the cruise lines site’s “What to Load and Bring” area for cruise-goers, drones are now under the “Products for Port Usage Just” area:

” Drone( s) are permitted, however should be kept in the custody of the Chief Gatekeeper and should be inspected out/in by the owner for PORT USAGE ONLY.”

The Brand Name Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines entered into more information in a Facebook post:

” This will be done on the early morning of the arrival into port and turned over and after that gathered at the gangway when you return. Please however, remember you should consult the ports you go to and see what their constraints have to do with flying a drone in their airspace,”

John Heald, Carnival Brand Name Ambassador

Like with Royal Caribbean, Carnival demands drone operators finding out about the regional laws of the Islands and Countries in which they want to fly.


Completing the 3rd biggest Cruise Line worldwide, beside Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines is MSC.

MSC has a list of restricted products and, unfortunately, drones are among these products:

Port Security has the task to browse Visitors and travel luggage to take any short article worldwide called harmful for the security and security of Visitors, Team, and ship. Such products will be seized and not returned … drones.

Products Forbidden Onboard– MSC

If you are intending on getting fantastic Island video while aboard an MSC ship, bring your video camera or cellular phone, as bringing a drone aboard is not just based on confiscation, however the owner can be rejected boarding the ship.


Regretfully, like MSC prior to it, Norwegian also has a no drone policy as discovered in their restricted products list (number 22):

Any from another location managed or autonomously flying gadgets, toys or drones.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Forbidden Products List

According to Norwegian, forbade products will be seized and not carried aboard.

Furthermore, when a restricted product is figured out to be unlawful the proper authorities will be notified.


Like with numerous cruise lines in this list, Disney, also, has a no-drone policy. Drones are noted in their restricted product list, for security functions.

The effects of bringing drones aboard a Disney cruise:

Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to take and protect any product considered to be harmful or position a security or security danger.

Disney’s Prohibited Products List

Drones being restricted products on Disney comes as not a surprise, as Disney World in Florida, U.S.A. has a 3-mile radius No-Fly zone around its location destinations. This has actually remained in location for years, even prior to drones.

” MORE: Can You Fly a Drone at Disney World?

Virgin Trips

Since the writing of this short article, Virgin does not allow its visitors to board with drones.

Virgin, being an adult-only cruise line is intent on its visitors’ personal privacy and, naturally, security.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises detours from the requirement “Island Hopping” of the majority of the cruises in this list, rather concentrating on River Cruises that go through numerous nations.

Viking does enable drones on their river cruises, nevertheless, similar to Royal Caribbean and Carnival, the drone should be saved in the visitor’s stateroom and can just be utilized when docked.

Visitors are charged with finding out the regional drone laws when wishing to fly in location locations.

Holland America

Like a few of the previous cruise lines in this short article, Holland America also forbids drones from being brought aboard its ships and will take them if situated.

Drones likewise described as Unmanned Aerial Car (UAV) or From Another Location Piloted Aerial Car (RPA), and any other remote-controlled aerial devices/toys.

Taken restricted products are to be gone back to Visitor( s) just on the real day of disembarkation/end of trip and ONLY after visitor has actually scanned off at the gangway. Product( s) to be returned at a designated place shore-side (whether this be inside the terminal, a camping tent or table on the quay …) versus and after confirmation of Taken Products Invoice and Visitor’s Signature verifying return.”

Holland America’s Prohibited Products List


Here we have another cruise line that enables drones aboard its ships.

If you are bringing a drone aboard a Star Cruise, the drone should be saved in your cabin and can not be flown while on the ship.

Drone flights are allowed when onshore, nevertheless, they should be run beyond the port location

If a drone operator is captured utilizing a drone aboard the ship, they undergo a visitor conduct caution, confiscation of the drone, and possible early disembarkation from the ship.


Princess Cruise Lines forbade products lists looks like Holland America’s, when it concerns drones. Drones are restricted from being taken aboard Princess Cruise Lines.

Drones likewise described as Unmanned Aerial Car (UAV) or From Another Location Piloted Aerial Car (RPA), and any other remote-controlled aerial devices/toys. (The exception is when allowed for company-sponsored occasions when authorized beforehand by Fleet Security).

Princess Cruise Lines Prohibited Products List

A fascinating note for those who like drones is that Princess Cruise Lines has a choreographed drone program. Although unable to fly them, visitors can a minimum of enjoy them.

Cruise Lines That Enable Drones

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Carnival
  • Celeb
  • Viking

Cruise Lines That Prohibit Drones

  • MSC
  • Norwegian
  • Disney
  • Virgin Trips
  • Holland America
  • Princess

Crucial: Like with the preparation for any journey, it is advised/encouraged, that the Cruise Line of your option is called, prior to setting sail, for any updates to their drone policies and forbade products lists.

Drones on the Restriction Lists

Why do so numerous cruise lines restrict bringing drones on their vessels?

There are extremely particular factors for this:

Security is a leading concern for cruise liner, as they are self-contained holiday environments, with countless visitors in minimal area.

Lots of Cruise Lines feel that having drones of any size, with their turning props and weight, can be possible risks to their visitors, specifically in the hands of inexperienced enthusiasts.

Damage to visitors and cruise line residential or commercial property is likewise a high issue. Since of this, specific Lines would rather not have drones aboard.

Personal Privacy is likewise a primary issue for numerous Cruise Lines, specifically those with visitors paying leading dollar to experience whatever the Ships use.

With the development in drone innovation and video camera abilities, developments we value, drones are unfortunately thought about by numerous as an intrusion of personal privacy.

Drone-Friendly Port Locations

If you are intending on taking a cruise on any of the Cruise Lines here that enable drones, listed below is a partial list of ports that enable drones, since the writing of this short article.

Prior to flying at these port places, it is recommended to look into the area/country to guarantee you are flying in compliance with stated nation’s drone laws and guidelines:

  • Secret West, Florida, U.S.A.
  • San Juan, Porto Rico
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Aruba
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Roatan, Hunduras

Once Again, this is simply a partial list of a few of the more popular locations that enable drones.

If you do not see the locations you will be going to, it is best to get in touch with those nations’ flight authorities to find out more. This info can often be discovered online.

Finest Drones to Induce a Cruise

If you are going to be travelling on any of the Lines discussed that enable the boarding of drones, what is the very best kind of drone to bring?

When selecting to bring a drone with you on your cruise, there are 2 extremely essential elements to think about:

Usually when at a port of call on a cruise there is minimal time to go out and about at the place. Having a light-weight and quickly workable drone can be crucial to delighting in the environments in a prompt style.

Any of the DJI Mini-series drones would be a great option due to their little footprint, packaging capability, and, if a Mini 3 series, their fairly peaceful existence.

Also, some nations need drones to be under 250g, so loading a DJI Mini mark off that requirement.

No matter the drone that is being induced the cruise, flying in a safe and accountable way is valued by all.

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