iPhone 15 Pro may not have new solid-state buttons after all

According to various sources, iPhone 15 Pro is prepared for to have new solid-state volume buttons with haptic feedback, similar to your house Button used with iPhone 7. While even 9to5Mac has in fact really supported this report, Haitong Tech professional Jeff Pu specified on Tuesday that the iPhone 15 Pro may not have the solid-state buttons after all.

Apple clearly dropped techniques to modify the volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro

Pu has in fact really talked with sources experienced about Apple’s supply chain that service may alter back to the ageless volume button design on the iPhone 15 Pro thinking about that the new choice would have a a lot more detailed design. According to the professional, the new buttons would require 3 new haptics engines inside the iPhone.

As a result, solid-state volume buttons may end up being extracted to the 2024 iPhone styles to offer Apple more time to build the required parts. Naturally, this contrasts expectations and “market contract,” thinking about that all reports up previously have in fact really been rather affirmative when it explains the new volume buttons.

It worries whether this will also affect the new mute button, which is prepared for to get new functions with the redesign.

In our unique report on March 3, we talked about:

According to our source, who acknowledges with making certified gadgets for Apple products, the iPhone 15 Pro styles will ditch the various volume up and volume down buttons for a new single button that works both techniques depending on where the user presses it.

In addition, the source notified us that the ageless mute switch will be customized by a new “pressing type button,” which motivates that the button will also be capacitive and users will require to need press it to put the phone into peaceful mode.

And with our unique iPhone 15 Pro renders, we also expose what the new buttons would appear like.


Counted on professional Ming-Chi Kuo has in fact really just supported Jeff Pu’s report about Apple customizing back to the ageless volume buttons rather of the new solid-state ones with iPhone 15 Pro. The professional talked about that the iPhone 15 Pro is still in the EVT (Engineer Suggestion Test) stage, which suggests that Apple still has time to modify the last design.

Kuo states that eliminating the solid-state buttons “will improve the development and screening treatment” which this will not affect the iPhone 15 launch schedule. However, this will hurt Cirrus Thinking and AAC Technologies, both Apple business that would use parts for the new buttons.

More about iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro

The most obvious adjustment in this year’s iPhones based upon leaked renders is the switch from the Lightning port to USB-C, which would mark a considerable departure from Apple’s distinct port that has in fact really been made use of on iPhones and a great deal of Apple gadgets thinking about that 2012.

However, the new phones will have a new design with rather curved edges, while the electronic video camera bump will be larger and the screen bezels thinner. Apple will keep the precise actually precise very same 4 sizes from the existing iPhone 14 lineup for the new styles. However, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will ditch the notch in favor of the Dynamic Island

The new iPhones are prepared for to be exposed by Apple in September.

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