music – usic sometimes stops briefly playback when utilizing airplay. (Mac mini M1)

Music sometimes stops briefly playing 3-4 seconds prior to a tune ends. The time out takes place arbitrarily. If I instantly replay the tune it will play thru to the end without a time out. I approximate that this occurs as soon as out of 10-15 tunes typically. Here’s what I observe:

  1. I have an Airport Express (AE) with firmware variation 7.8.1. The AE is usually linked over the cordless network however the issue takes place even if the AE is linked utilizing an ethernet cable television connection without being linked over the cordless network.

  2. If the standard/default sound output of the computer system is the earphones and the AE is chosen as one of the outputs of Music, and a playlist is playing Music will arbitrarily stop briefly playing 3-4 seconds prior to completion a tune. After a couple seconds it will continue playing, though it avoids about 1 second of the tune. It will end up the tune and begin playing the next tune in the playlist. This “time out” takes place about 1 out of 10-15 tunes.

To see if this was a hardware issue I picked the AE as the computer system’s default output (Settings->> Noise, pick the AE as the output gadget). Then I picked the default output in Music. With these settings the issue does not happen. So to me this does not seem a hardware issue.

I say sorry if my descriptions of settings are unclear, please see the connected screen shots for clearness on what I imply.

The issue accompanies AIFF, MP3 and M4A files

I am running Ventura 13.2.1 however this issue likewise took place on Monterey.

My music library is at ~/ Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music

This issue does not accompany my old macbook pro (intel) running Mohave.

Has anybody seen this issue? I have not discovered any posts that explain the exact same issue.

Any concepts?

There are posts in the Apple assistance neighborhood with comparable issues however they have actually been closed.

Music output settings

Music settings when problem does not occur

System sound settings when problem does not occur

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