Run SQL Queries on Databricks From Visual Studio Code

Today, we are delighted to reveal that users can now run SQL questions on Databricks from within Visual Studio Code by means of a sneak peek chauffeur for the popular SQLTools extension. This sneak peek release matches the just recently released public sneak peek of the Databricks extension for VS Code, which enables users to sync and run code established in your area on Databricks-managed calculate.

Databricks SQL (DBSQL) is a serverless information storage facility developed on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform that allows you to run all of your SQL and BI applications at scale with as much as 12x much better cost and efficiency compared to tradition information storage facilities. DBSQL utilizes open formats and APIs through a combined governance design with your favored tools. Now you can link from VS Code to DBSQL along with to All Function clusters, run SQL questions, and view outcomes without leaving the convenience and power of your preferred editor. This is specifically beneficial if you are dealing with a dbt job on Databricks and require to repeat on SQL questions while developing information designs.

The demonstration listed below demonstrate how to set up the extension and run a SQL inquiry on Databricks:

SQL query on Databricks

We wish to thank Matheus Texiera, the author of the popular SQLTools extension and the open-source factors who have actually made this extension effective. We would enjoy for you to attempt this extension out.

Start by setting up the extension from the VS Code To find out more checkout our paperwork We invite your feedback and function demands on GitHub

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