How to Develop a Password Generator in Python

You can quickly produce a password generator in Python with the list below easy technique.

How to produce the Password Generator in Python

 import  string
 import  random

 def  generate_password( length = 16): 
     seed  =  f" { string ascii_letters} { string ascii_lowercase} { string ascii_uppercase} { string punctuation} "

     password_string  = [x for x in seed]
     random shuffle( password_string)
     return " sign up with( password_string[:length])

How to utilize the Password Generator in Python

With this function, you can either call the generate_password() function with no arguments, and it will create a 16 digit long password, unless you require a longer one, then pass in an integer to define the lengh of the password you would like. e.g. generate_password( 28 )

How to Evaluate the Password Generator in Python

Now we can check it as follows:

 print( generate_password())
 # rE( _&& pmYxoj ^ NEvL

 print( generate_password( 28))
 # [email protected]+" BjGbR

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