How to Produce a Diff of 2 Images

When I was a kid, I enjoyed searching for Waldo in the “Where’s Waldo?” book series. Nowadays I’m a sucker for TMZ’s “What’s the Huge Frigin Distinction” images, where TMZ somewhat alters an image and you need to find the distinctions in between the 2. That got me to believing– how quickly could I automate diff’ ing 2 images? This StackOverflow post was gold.

To produce a diff of 2 comparable images, we’ll utilize ImageMagick’s transform command line energy with a big host of setups:

transform '(' image1.png -flatten -grayscale Rec709Luminance ')'.
'(' image2.png -flatten -grayscale Rec709Luminance ')'.
'(' -clone 0-1 -make up darken -composite ')'.
- channel RGB -integrate diff.png.

How efficient is this command with its setup arguments? Let’s take a look:

Initial Image

Customized Image

Diff’ ed Image

The diff image outcome is quite helpful! The size of the sunglasses is plainly provided, and if you look carefully, you can see one skull at the top-right of the t-shirt has actually been turned.

Whatever your factor for wishing to recognize the distinction 2 images, ImageMagick’s transform tool is excellent. You can do a million things with ImageMagick; have a look at my Media tutorials for more information amazing methods to customize images, videos, and audio!

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