Stop snoring and get some sleep with this discounted device

The pursuit of consistently solid sleep is crucial for personal health, but a variety of factors can prevent that from happening. Snoring is one of the chief offenders.

Problems associated with snoring are unfortunately common, and can negatively impact the sleep cycles of both the snorers and their partners. The Snore Circle is a simple way to work toward solutions. And this effective anti-snoring device is currently available for just $79.99 (regularly $119).

Invest in better sleep this year

There are two perspectives worth exploring that both benefit from this product. The first is that of the snorer, who deals with persistent, and possibly dangerous, breathing problems that impact their ability to gain fulfilling sleep. The other is that of those who are bothered by the sounds of snoring, whether it be a spouse, roommate or child.

According to Harvard Health, among adults aged 30 to 60, 44% of men and 28% of women are regular snorers. You don’t need to be among that group (or sleep alongside a snorer).

Featuring 30 intensity levels and a high-precision sensor, the Snore Circle YA4200 electronic muscle stimulator is an affordable sleep gadget that’s primed to help alleviate those late-night frustrations. A simple process starts with placement below the chin. Then the tiny device can stimulate the muscles around the throat, effectively opening the airway whenever snoring is detected.

This can swiftly lead to quieter and smoother breathing, and to relief for all involved. There are many potential contributing factors with snoring, including nasal issues, allergies, weight and diet, and this method can aid in efforts to address them.

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The Snore Circle, which carries a rating of five stars out of five on Product Hunt, normally sells for $119. But right now, you can get one for only $79.99 — the best price you’ll find online.

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Prices subject to change.

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