BONUS: Drone Life News 007 – AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021, Autel’s New Drone, DJI Geofencing Issues, Lemur S by BRINC

In the seventh edition of Drone Life News, Paul and Miriam McNabb of DroneLife and JobforDrones discuss some of the latest and most exciting news from the world of drones.

Our biggest story this week is about the AUVSI Xponential 2021 conference in Atlanta. This was Miriam’s first attendance at a drone conference after the pandemic, and she has some interesting updates to share with us today.

Our first story this week is about the FAA Director, Steve Dickson’s comments on FAA regulations for the drone industry. And FAA’s work on managing airspace regulation for manned and unmanned aircraft. Additionally, we also talk about BVLOS flights and upcoming changes to certification programs.

You will also get a sneak peek at Autel’s new drone, the DragonFish – which has been designed specifically for law enforcement.

You will also learn about Lemus S by BRINC, a one-of-a-kind drone for SWAT teams.

Other topics discussed on today’s show include Autel’s new geofencing features and expert tips for tackling DJI’s geofencing errors. This is a show you do not want to miss.


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  • [00:31] Miriam attends the AUVSI Xponential 2021 conference – the first drone conference after the pandemic
  • [01:32] FAA Administrator, Steve Dickson, on drone industry regulations and developments
  • [03:02] The FAA shares its views on modernization of certification programs for manned and unmanned aircrafts
  • [06:05] What are the latest industry rumors about Autel’s new fixed-wing drone, Dragonfish?
  • [09:18] Geofencing on Autel drones and how to handle DJI’s geofencing errors.
  • [10:53] Sneak Peek: Lemur S by BRINC, a one-of-a-kind drone for SWAT teams
  • [14:45] How American drone manufacturers are heavily relying on innovations to get a foothold in the market

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