HPE Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus 2022)

The company came in October last for an Internship (Software engineer ) at IIT (BHU) VARANASI.

Round 1: The platform of 1st round was hirepro(very bad). The first round comprised some MCQ questions, including aptitude, logical, C output questions, data structures and algorithms, English language, and technical portions. There are two coding questions:

Suggestion: I would suggest practicing from sites like GeeksforGeeks, leetcode, etc., as it will give the confidence to solve problems.

  • The technical aptitude part covered questions from operating systems and data structures (particularly trees, LinkedList). C output questions were also there.
  • There are two coding questions, and both are easy to medium. 1st coding question is based on the sieve of eratosthenes; right now don’t remember the second coding question.

Suggestion: I would suggest doing quizzes from GeeksforGeeks to get in touch with all concepts of C and other subjects.

19 students were sorted for the next round out of 100.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round): It is of duration 45 minutes.

  • Round start with the introduction. I then asked about the project. I have to explain the workflow of the project.
  • He asked that you were from the electrical branch and why you wanted to join a software company.
  • Later he gave me a problem on the linked list. The problem was that I had to sort the given LinkedList. I have to write complete code on an online code editor. I solved this problem with the help of merge sort.
  • After that, he asked questions from OOPS, like what is pointer, polymorphism, dynamic, static, etc.
  • He also asked if I knew OS, and I replied no.

Finally, 7 students were sorted out of 19 students for the next round.

Tips: please don’t mention anything you don’t know in your resume. Answer every question confidently; if you don’t know, reply no. 

Round 3( HR Round): I got a mail from the company that you were sorted for the next round, and it starts in 15 minutes, be ready. It is a great round. Duration is 30 minutes. It was around 2 pm, and I remembered that I had to say good afternoon in the interview. But unfortunately, I said good morning.

  • Started with an introduction. 
  • Then he asked questions about my resume. I mentioned three POR in my resume. 
  • He asked which skills you learned and developed in these works.
  • I also mentioned that I got an award from the Rajasthan govt and secured this rank in JEE Advanced. He asked me about these and how I prepared for jee advanced.
  • Then he told me that you knew OS, and I replied simply no. After that, he asked what is JVM. I replied no simply.
  • Then he asked that interview is completed here if you had any doubt.
  • I asked 4-5 questions ( since I had 8 minutes left, that’s why I asked lots of questions).
  • I asked questions about work culture, how senior employees are helpful to a junior employee at work, and doubts. I also asked whether we felt like a family in the company.
  • Then I asked what is JVM( since I am not able to answer it, that’s why I asked). Then I said that you told me whether you know OS or not, then how important it is to learn( i asked).

After three days final result comes. 3 students were sorted for internship. Luckily I am one among these three. 

Tips: Know yourself and your resume before any interview. Be calm & answer politely.

Important : 

  • Keep coding continues.
  • Don’t mention any in your resume you don’t know.
  • Be calm and answer politely. If you don’t know, simply reply sorry. 

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