ADU 01284: Is Phantom 4 v2 still the go-to drone for all things concerning mapping?

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On Today’s show we discuss if the Phantom 4 V2 drone is still the go-to drone for mapping projects or do pilots have the option of using the Mavic line of drones for conducting mapping projects? Our question for today is from first time caller, Brenden, who would like to know if the Phantom 4 V2 is a viable drone that pilots can use for mapping projects. Thanks for asking, Brenden !!

We start off our response by mentioning the features of the Phantom 4 and why we consider still to be the best drone for conducting mapping missions. We also look into features offered by the Mavic and areas that DJI can explore to further enhance the use of the Mavic in mapping projects. We also discuss all about the mapping drones available in the market today and how companies like DJI are positioning their drones for the industry. We also talk about upcoming courses covering newer mapping drones that Drone U intends to launch in the coming year. If you would like to know more about mapping visit our Mapping Software page that provides all the details about mapping and mapping software.

Tune in today!!

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[00:50] Today’s show is all about next generation of mapping drones
[04:46]0″] Listen to today’s question
[05:42] This DJI model is most equipped to perform mapping missions
[06:07] Mavic 3 Enterprise and its mapping capability
[08:40] Upcoming new courses at Drone U for new drones
[10:55] Other developments in the mapping industry
[12:00] Industry leader thoughts on new trends in the mapping world
[12:52] Learn more about mapping
[13:25] The state of today’s mapping industry and what next with models/software

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