Sea Me: Breezy Bed Linens in Tone of Blue and Green

Presently appreciating: Sea Me, begun by 2 females searching for the best bedding, in shades of blues, greens, and sand– all influenced by the sea and made in Odesa, Ukraine. Here’s an appearance.

sea me linens in sand 14 Above: Sea Me’s linens are made from pure European licensed linen, without chemicals. Each set includes a bed linen with concealed buttons and 2 envelope-closure pillowcases. As Sea Me explains it, the Sand color (revealed) is “like the sea dunes … like Rome’s basilica’s marble actions, used by time and travelers, like caramel ice cream, like a precious raincoat for each event.” All linens are $175 for a United States full-size set.
sea me linens in foam 15 Above: The linens in pure white Foam (” like a blank sheet you might wish to compose a romance on”).
sea me linens in pearl 16 Above: A bed worn Pearl linens (” like a scattering of seashells left on the sand after low tide, like smooth concrete walls, like a silk lace gown on the flooring”).
sea me linens in teal wave 17 Above: The green-blue Teal Waves colorway.
sea me linens in sand 18 Above: An information of a bed in sand-colored linens.
sea me linens in emerald 19 Above: The linens in dark green Emerald
sea me linens in pacific 20 Above: Deep blue Pacific linens: “like a little arrangement of field cornflowers in the early morning kitchen area.”
stack of sea me linens 21 Above: A stack of the linens in sea-inspired shades.
detail of sea me linens pillowcases 22 Above: The pillowcases, with thoroughly embroidered Sea Me tags.
sea me linens in caribbean 23 Above: One discrepancy from the blue-green spectrum: dirty pink Caribbean sheets, a tribute to balmier seaside climates.
detail of sea me linens in foam 24 Above: The linens in early morning light.

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