11 finest things to do in Crete, Greece

Crete’s good-looking coasts have actually lulled visitors for many years– when envisioning the ideal island trip, Crete is up there with its floury beaches and cerulean seas. Though Crete has a bounty of sandy treasures to take pleasure in, there are lots of other seductions far from the sands. As Greece’s biggest island there is an abundant mix of history and culture and a deep-grained heritage that is as exceptional as the ever-changing landscape on the island.

Beaches and sand hopping aside, there are significant hill craftsmen towns, romantic Roman ruins, and magnificent Minoan palaces– all offering a real sense of Crete’s roots. However, if you ‘d rather simply stick yourself down on the island’s sultry sands, a minimum of attempt the candy-coloured ones at surreal Elafonissi beach. Here are the 11 finest things to do in Crete.

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