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Petroleum rates were up recently. Brent petroleum futures on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) valued 0.9 percent as it closed at $76.6 per barrel. Petroleum futures on the MCX got 0.6 percent and it ended the week at 6,010 a barrel.

Brent futures ($ 76.6).

Brent futures decreased to mark an intraweek low of $72.3 last Wednesday before seeing a healing to $76.6. Although the pattern stays bearish, the cost action on the chart reveals some loss in down momentum.

In case the agreement recuperates above the nearby resistance at $78, it can go up to $83. A breakout of this can turn the outlook favorable.

If Brent futures falls off the barrier at $78, it can dip towards the assistance band of $70-71. If this base is secured, it can set off another leg of drop towards $62.

MCX-Crude oil (6,010).

The January futures of petroleum decreased to mark an intraweek low of 5,709 before recuperating to 6,010. The healing has actually not taken the agreement above the barrier at 6,080. For that reason, the predisposition still stays bearish.

In case the resistance at 6,080 is breached, the petroleum futures will more than likely extend the agreement to 6,300, an obstacle. Subsequent resistance is at 6,500.

On the other hand, if petroleum futures falls from the present level, it will retest the assistance at 5,750. A break listed below this level can drag the agreement to 5,500.

Trade method: Recently, we recommended traders to brief December futures at 5,935. Roll-over the brief to January expiration.

That is, leave the brief on December agreement and start fresh shorts on January series at the present level of 6,010. Include shorts in case the cost increases to 6,200. Location stop-loss at 6,350.

When the agreement falls listed below 5,750, tighten up the stop-loss to 5,900. Liquidate the shorts at 5,550.


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