COP28 Presidency No Red Lines on Fossil Fuels

The COP28 UAE-led presidency does not have any “red lines” for language about nonrenewable fuel sources in the worked out text, COP28 Director General Majid al-Suwaidi stated on Friday.

” Our task as a police presidency is not to have red lines. We do not have red lines.”

The concern remained in action to remarks by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres about what he called the immediate requirement to phase out nonrenewable fuel sources to prevent environment disaster and fulfill Paris objectives. “We can not conserve a burning world with a firehose of nonrenewable fuel sources,” Guterres stated previously in the day. “The 1.5-degree limitation is just possible if we eventually stop burning all nonrenewable fuel sources. Not minimize. Not ease off.”

However the UAE– holding the presidency of COP28, stays unfaltering in its position that all energy requires to be talked about, with numerous nations– the UAE consisted of– seeing nonrenewable fuel sources as having a function in the energy shift.

Currently, Hila Heine, previous Marshall Islands president, stepped down from her function on the COP28 board of advisers, mentioning her dissatisfaction with the UAE’s assistance of ongoing nonrenewable fuel source usage and implicated the COP28 presidency of utilizing its platform at COP28 to broker oil and gas offers– an allegation that the UAE has actually rejected.

” We have actually been clear, open, and sincere throughout this procedure,” the UAE stated in a declaration.

Still on the table for conversation at COP28 is the matter of whether nonrenewable fuel source aids must be phased out, which have actually been approximated at about $7 trillion internationally since in 2015. The group is likewise preparing to talk about arrangements for carbon capture and elimination innovation.

The UAE protected a triumph previously today with delegates embracing a brand-new loss and damage fund to help bad countries with environment catastrophes– it was an offer that is years in the making.

By Julianne Geiger for

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