Head in the Cloud, Toes at the Edge

I’m back with a brand-new episode of TeleGeography Describes the Web

In the hot spot this time: Nokia’s Paul Unbehagen. Paul has a deep history in the networking world, so he approaches his function at Nokia– NE Americas CTO– from the viewpoint of a network engineer.

Although our primary subjects today are business cloud and right-sizing cloud usage, we utilize those as a springboard into numerous subjects circling around the state of the network in 2023.

We discuss the history of the business’s relocation into the cloud and why some business have actually reassessed their cloud technique in the last few years.

As it so frequently does, the location of the cloud turns up, in addition to Paul’s take on area and style in the cloud. This brings us to the edge– not just what it implies and where it is, however a few of the brand-new and amazing usage cases of what edge computing assists in.

Embedded because discussion is likewise 5G and how mobile can press the network into being a main part of business. And we can’t withstand raising AI/ML.

Paul and I had a good time waxing philosophical about how networks and cloud have actually altered and what it might indicate for the future.

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