The Download: an appealing brand-new fuel, and why our phones deal with wildfires

New york city– based start-up Amogy believes the essential to fixing this issue depends on utilizing ammonia– among the world’s most commonly delivered chemicals– to power electrical tractors, trucks, and even ships.

Casey Crownhart, our environment press reporter, visited its head office to hear more about the group’s concepts. Check out the complete story

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The must-reads

I have actually combed the web to discover you today’s most fun/important/scary/ interesting stories about innovation.

1 Our phones are stopping working to record the truth of wildfires
Their advanced color correction algorithms imply it’s more difficult to take precise images. ( Vice)
+ It’s been a scary week for New Yorkers ( New Yorker $)
+ However the scenario is gradually enhancing. ( NYT $)
+ These apps let you inspect the air quality where you live. ( WSJ $)

2 DeSantis’s project shared deepfake pictures of Trump and Fauci
The line in between truth and fiction is getting more difficult to recognize. ( NPR)

3 The dam collapse in Ukraine is an eco-friendly catastrophe
Most Awful of all, a few of the damage it’s triggered might be irreversible. ( Wired $)
+ Satellite images lay bare the scale of the damage. ( NBC)

4 We require more information on AI’s carbon footprint
We might pay a high ecological cost for the innovation’s fast development. ( The Guardian)
+ Why we require to do a much better task of determining AI’s carbon footprint. ( MIT Innovation Evaluation)
+ Labor unions have a brand-new opponent: AI. ( WP $)
+ A detector can identify AI-written scholastic text. ( The Register)

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