Visit a Beautifully Simple Kitchen Area in Montmartre, Paris

Antoine Ricardou is a perfectionist. As co-founder of Saint-Lazare, a Paris and New York-based imaginative studio that creates brand names, locations, and items, he pursues supreme charm in whatever he touches, from elegant clothes business like Sézane to well-equipped hotels like Le Moulin to minimalist furnishings, like this A.S.L wood workbench And he has the ability to attain it due to the fact that of his deep participation in every element of a job. “My task is to be incredibly concentrated on each and every single information that becomes part of the story,” he discusses.

This focus on visual quality reaches Antoine’s two-story 1950s Montmartre apartment or condo. His landscape designer other half is similarly committed to a perfect appearance, however getting their 2 kids on board is more of a difficulty. “When it was simply the 2 people, your house was completely arranged,” keeps in mind Antoine. “Now, it’s a household house, so it’s constantly a natural and unpleasant location due to the fact that we reside in it … however I’m teaching the kids about making things stunning.”

Whether they’re setting the table or cooking a meal, Antoine tries to push his kids towards crafting an appealing vignette. “When you return from the marketplace and you wish to prepare lunch, often the ham is crammed in plastic, however other times you go to the butcher with the stunning paper, so I’m teaching them how to make a lovely scene with whatever you purchased.”

Thankfully, Antoine’s easy yet thoroughly curated kitchen area works as a good-looking background for almost any spread. With tidy lines and natural products, it’s a Parisian classic. Let’s take a better look.

Photography by Benoit Linero

with a wall to wall carrara marble counter, the kitchen flows seamlessly into t 14
Above: With a wall-to-wall Carrara marble counter, the kitchen area streams flawlessly into the office. Antoine selected the Italian stone due to the fact that it’s long lasting enough to hold up against both cooking and style work. “It’s the marble you discover in butchers and bakeshops, so it is actually simple to tidy, and you can cut straight on it,” he keeps in mind. “You do not require an unique cutting board.”

For the cabinets, Antoine went with clear oak on the decreases and white paint on the uppers. “I like to have a dark color on the bottom and a light color on top,” he states, including that the natural wood cabinets and matching floorings anchor the area.

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