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Samsung’s fifth-generation Galaxy Watch lineup consists of 2 similar-spec designs: the Galaxy Watch5 and the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. While the basic Watch5 is a more standard smartwatch that repeats on in 2015’s Watch4, the Pro is a more rugged wearable established to take on the similarity the Apple Watch Ultra

With functions that concentrate on health and health, a robust physical fitness tracking experience, and the longest-lasting battery of any Galaxy Watch, it’s a premium activity tracker for the Android user.

The Watch5 Pro is likewise an effective smartwatch– Samsung constructed on top of whatever it solved in the previous Galaxy Watch to provide a strong user experience that sets particularly well with Samsung’s smart devices.

To get a sense of how well it carries out, I used the Watch5 Pro as my everyday motorist for a month, pressing it to the limitations of what it might use in regards to smarts, toughness, battery life, and fitness tracking. Although I had small nitpicks, I left satisfied and believe it’s the very best Android smartwatch presently offered.

Samsung’s most recent smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

A comfy style that fits wrists of all sizes

A person wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro smartwatch

The Watch5 Pro has a rugged and long lasting style.

Rick Stella/Insider.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro includes a round watch confront with a big 1.36-inch touchscreen screen and a titanium case. It’s an easy yet exceptional style that feels and look terrific on-wrist.

The watch comes requirement with a resilient elastic band that’s soft to the touch and comfy to use, even while running or raising weights. I frequently discover that watch bands chafe or rash my skin after constant wear, however I never ever experienced this as soon as while evaluating the Pro. The band can rapidly pop on and off, too, that made it simple to clean after exercises.

I likewise liked how uncomplicated it was to call in the proper fit. Its sizing lock slides up or down the band, rather of utilizing particular notches, which suggests it’ll fit nearly anybody without switching to a bigger or smaller sized band.

The titanium case is likewise an outstanding touch of toughness. It safeguards well versus nicks, scratches, and basic wear-and-tear, and it attains a tidy, streamlined appearance that’s official enough for the workplace yet rugged enough for treking, cycling, or running.

It deserves explaining, too, that Samsung altered the watch’s bezel from the 4th generation to this existing generation. In 2015’s design included a turning bezel, whereas the Watch5 Pro now has a touch-sensitive bezel. It makes browsing menus a little smoother than physically turning something, even if the action is a little redundant considering that you can swipe the screen also.

The underside of a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro smartwatch.

The Watch5 Pro’s band is simple to change and does not have notches, so it can fit a broader variety of wrist sizes.

Rick Stella/Insider.

Something I do suggest is altering its stock watch face. It loads with a dull, rather colorless alternative that silences much of what the screen reveals. I went with something brighter with more dynamic colors and it seemed like I was using a totally various watch, particularly with how I customized what information and includes the house screen showed.

WearOS sets completely with the Watch5 Pro and provides a smooth user experience

WearOS, the Android-based os that the Watch5 Pro operates on, provides an exceptionally smooth user experience that emphasizes its strengths as both a smartwatch and a physical fitness tracker. It’s a huge enhancement over Samsung’s Tizen OS in previously smartwatches.

Notices from text, telephone call, or e-mails are simple to check out and engage with, and lots of modification alternatives enable you to customize the navigation of the watch nevertheless you like.

As discussed, I went with a watch confront with more pertinent details revealed to me throughout the day, however there are a lot of other alternatives to prefer all sorts of users. You can pack images to the watch face, set it to appear like a standard analog watch, or utilize a totally data-centric alternative with actions taken, calories burned, and so on

WearOS likewise offers the Pro access to the Google Play Shop, making it suitable with numerous applications. This consists of Google Maps, Google Assistant, and non-Google apps like Microsoft Outlook or Spotify. This quantity of app gain access to is where I felt it stood out as a smartwatch.

I had the ability to quickly engage with any alerts, I might rapidly inspect my everyday calendar and order of business, and might even access my Spotify playlists while on a walk or exercising. WearOS is instinctive to browse and it offers the Pro the duality of being an effective physical fitness tracker and a helpful smartwatch.

The Pro deals with non-Samsung Android phones, however the experience is thinned down

A Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro next to a Samsung Galaxy phone

The Watch5 Pro works finest with a Samsung phone, however does deal with other Android phones like the Google Pixel.

Rick Stella/Insider.

The Majority Of the Pro’s smartwatch ability is made far much better through a Samsung mobile phone. While you can combine it with a non-Samsung Android phone, the experience isn’t rather as fluid. I evaluated the watch utilizing both a Samsung Galaxy S21 and a Google Pixel 7, and there were a couple of unique distinctions.

Initially, the Samsung Health app is just suitable with a Samsung mobile phone, as is the Samsung Health Screen app which is where you access the watch’s ECG readings. I might still tape-record an ECG through the watch while utilizing the Pixel however I wasn’t able to see any reading history or share any reports.

Furthermore, the Pixel just permits access to the Pro’s information through the Galaxy Wearable app, which uses a significantly various experience than the S21’s apps. Yes, the majority of your tracked information exists, however it’s devoid of functions like high blood pressure tracking and the ECG app, so you simply aren’t able to let the Pro run at its complete capacity.

I likewise discovered the Pixel to have trouble syncing with the Pro. The phone had a difficult time finding the watch, and when it did, it frequently stopped working throughout the setup procedure, requiring me to begin over. I duplicated this procedure numerous times prior to lastly getting an effective sync.

However while these distinctions are notable, I do not seem like they’re always a dealbreaker. The compatibility concern isn’t unlike how Apple makes its watches strictly suitable with an iPhone. The truth the Pro is still even reasonably suitable with something like a Google Pixel need to really be seen positively. It works finest on Samsung, however that particular connection isn’t definitely needed.

Lots of trackable activities however requires broader compatibility for its track-back function

Screenshots of the workout app on a Samsung phone

The buddy app supplies a lot of beneficial insights into your exercise information and activity patterns.

Rick Stella/Insider.

The Watch5 Pro’s physical fitness tracking functions are amongst the easiest I have actually utilized. Filling up a run needs simply a couple of swipes and a press of the “Running” icon, and accessing all workouts, from biking and lifting weights to treking and strolling, are the specific very same.

And although booting an activity fasts and uncomplicated, it is necessary to keep in mind that it does take a couple of minutes for the integrated GPS to completely sync. This isn’t unlike how nearly all physical fitness trackers require time to discover a GPS signal, so I do not see this as a con. The Pro did require approximately a minute to sync, which is on par with something like the Fitbit Sense 2

A Watch5 Pro trying to sync GPS for a workout.

GPS takes a minute approximately to sync and is essential for precise physical fitness tracking.

Rick Stella/Insider.

You can run without synced GPS, though the outcomes aren’t constantly as precise. I frequently discovered the tracking to be off by anywhere from.1 to.2 miles. This never ever affected my training however might trigger problems for severe professional athletes who track their pacing to the nearby millisecond. The simple resolve is to wait the one minute for it to sync.

The Pro uses a truly beneficial track-back (or digital breadcrumb) function for treking. I didn’t go complete lost-in-the-woods to evaluate this out however utilized it on a couple of out-and-back walkings, and the function worked rather well.

It charted my hiking course and determine where I was and where I originated from. If I lose my method, I might quickly discover my method back. Nevertheless, GPS definitely needs to be synced for this to work.

My only nitpick with this function is that it’s just offered for treking or biking, not track running and even running in basic. Possibly later on updates will broaden its usage case, however it’s frustrating not to see it more extensively offered.

Beneficial health functions consist of sleep and tension tracking, however the body structure analysis is a standout

The body composition app on a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

The body structure analysis is among the watch’s finest health functions.

Rick Stella/Insider.

The Watch5 Pro likewise has a deep offering of health functions, the most remarkable of which is the Samsung BIA (for bioelectrical impedance analysis). The BIA was offered on the previous generation Watch4, so it’s not precisely brand-new, however it’s a helpful function nevertheless.

The BIA evaluates your body fat portion, muscle mass, and water portion by sending out microcurrents through your body, comparable to how a wise scale works. While it’s not a medical-grade test, it’s still a helpful tool for anybody with particular training objectives or who desires a basic picture of their body structure.

Another standout health function is its sleep tracking that uses handy insights into sleep routines, such as how relaxing your night was and just how much rapid eye movement, deep, and light sleep you get. It’s a helpful function for playing your sleep schedule, though I discovered that the watch uses a little heavy in bed. It never ever woke me up however it was constantly really obvious on my wrist in the early morning.

A big battery that lasts around 3 days

Among the Pro’s finest functions is its big, lasting battery. Samsung declares Pro users can anticipate approximately 80 hours on a single charge, and although I never ever experienced a complete 80-hour session myself, it was frequently in the ballpark, clocking in at around 70-ish hours.

This mainly depended upon how greatly I leaned on its integrated GPS while running, strolling, or biking. GPS use drains pipes the battery in nearly any smartwatch, and the Pro is no various.

Still, navigating 70 hours on a single charge is a huge perk. It’s much better than the Apple Watch Ultra, which requires to be charged every two-ish days, however not rather as lasting as the Fitbit Sense 2, which can go nearly a week. It’s not a market’s finest, however you will not be troubled by charging it daily.

Should you purchase it?

There’s no concern the Watch5 Pro is among the very best Android smartwatches you can purchase. And for Samsung phone owners, it’s the very best. It has lots of trackable activities, consistently provides precise tracking outcomes (when synced with GPS), and is long lasting, elegant, and comfy.

For owners of other Android phones, like the Google Pixel, the experience is still a premium one, albeit with a couple of missing out on functions, a lot of noteworthy of which is the ECG app. However I do not see this as an overall dealbreaker.

It likewise brings an affordable price of $450 compared to comparable multisport GPS watches in its class, like the Garmin Epix ($ 900) or Apple Watch Ultra ($ 800). It’s even simply $200 more than the basic Watch5, which, for fitness-focused users, is well worth the additional financial investment considering its included advantages.

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