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According to the United States Department of Farming[1], 21.1 million part and full-time food and farming tasks were offered in the United States in 2021.

If this is your picked field (or quickly will be), you ought to think about a farming drone to keep track of animals and crops.

What are the very best farming drones?

Here are the leading farming drones to drive your organization forward:

  • DJI Agras MG-1
  • WingtraOne
  • Parrot Bluegrass
  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Selecting the best farming drone is difficult, however we’re here to make it simpler.

This guide will evaluate each of the 5 drones noted above, detailing functions, specifications, and rates so you can identify which one will take your organization to the next level!

Dimensions: 1,471 x 1,471 x 482 mm when unfolded without props
Weight: 8.8 kg without batteries
Propulsion System: Motor with 60-mm by 10-mm stator, 5.1 kg of thrust per rotor, 770 watts of max power
Spray System: 10-liter liquid tank with an XR11001 nozzle (4 in all)

✅ Pros

  • Consists of various kinds of nozzles for using pesticides, herbicides, and more
  • Keeps in mind collaborates
  • Changes liquid application according to flight speed
  • Has handbook and wise flight modes
  • Developed to withstand farming wear and tear

❌ Cons

  • Not the most recent DJI farming drone
  • Still costly regardless of its age

Beginning the list is what’s concurred by lots of to still be the most effective option for farming work, the Agras MG-1.

While it holds true that it’s because been taken over by the Agras T40 (launched in 2021 versus 2015 for the MG-1), the Agras MG-1 still has lots of qualities that will make it an important help on the field.

For example, this octocopter drone is developed for variable rate application, whatever from herbicides to fertilizers and liquid pesticides.

It has an extremely strong propulsion system, even by today’s requirements. It can take a trip with as much as 10 kgs of liquid at a time and conceal to 6,000 square meters of land in just 10 minutes.

According to DJI, that depends on 60x faster than getting the job done by hand!

Nevertheless, it’s not like the MG-1 simply sprays fertilizer or pesticide at a blanket rate. Oh, no. This drone has a smart spraying system developed right because allows it to assess how quick it’s flying and after that accelerate or decrease its application appropriately.

You will not need to fret about the drone mistakenly spraying excessive or insufficient, as it can manage its application while still conserving you time on the field.

This unbelievable little drone can cover in between 7 and 10 acres of land per hour!

DJI comprehends that the majority of farming drones do not last long due to the nature of the work they do.

That’s why the producer created the MG-1 with its own centrifugal cooling system to avoid getting too hot and failure on a warm, warm day. Even more, the drone has actually a sealed, weatherproof body.

What about dust? If you have actually ever needed to too soon change a farming drone prior to, you understand just how much of an issue dust can be.

Do not fret, as DJI idea of that too. That’s why the MG-1 has a triple filter system to avoid particles and dust.

The triple filter system is likewise beneficial for heat dispersion. Hot air gets in the drone and journeys to the motor from the arms. The heat is raised, recorded, and diffused. This spares the motor from direct exposure to heat.

DJI states the triple filter can increase the motor’s life-span thrice over.

You get not just one nozzle with your purchase of the MG-1 however 4.

Whether you have an interest in detailed or atomized spraying, you can change out the nozzles to whichever one finest fits the task on the day’s order of business.

The MG-1 uses a number of smart flight modes: Handbook, Handbook Plus, or Smart.

If you wish to take a hands-off method to farming drone work, select Smart Mode. You can prepare your drone’s path and after that be off to do something else.

The manual choices need more input, however Handbook Plus is a great in-between, as it’s partially automated.

As it flies, this DJI drone will track collaborates, including them to a database. The MG-1 can remember previous collaborates so it can resume operations if it needs to pick up any factor.

Weight: 3.7 kg
Flight Speed: 35.8 miles per hour
Flight Time: As much as 59 minutes
Wind Resistance: As much as 40 miles per hour
Electronic Camera: Sony 42 MP

✅ Pros

  • Has a long flight time
  • Extremely wise drone that manages its own preflight evaluations
  • Can introduce and land in all sorts of situations
  • Conserves money and time on surveying

❌ Cons

Wingtra is the maker of the mapping drone WingtraOne, a wise farming drone in a various sense.

This drone can reach speeds of 36 miles per hour and fly for practically an hour in optimum conditions, so it can map big swathes of land reasonably quick.

The drone comes geared up with a cam that shoots images in 42 MP quality. You will not need to compete with fuzzy surveying outcomes with such a premium video camera.

This is among the locations where the WingtraOne is head and shoulders above other drones in its class, as they’re generally restricted to 20 MP image quality.

In just 9 hours, the WingtraOne can cover 13 miles or 22 kilometers of land. It’s not restricted to farms or fields, either.

This drone will fearlessly go into mines, commercial complexes, or highways where it threatens for individuals to map.

That all boils down to the truth that this drone can remove in practically any and every condition, even if the surface isn’t level or soft. If the drone studies a tight location, it can still introduce and land.

You will not need to tension about video camera damage, either. Due to the video camera’s positioning, it does not hit anything, consisting of the ground.

If you have actually utilized other farming drones previously, you’re aware of how irritating it is to continuously draw up ground control points.

Well, the WingtraOne will put those days directly in the past. This drone just requires 3 checkpoints max, not many GCPs.

While a preflight assessment is a great routine to enter into, if you’re the absent-minded type, do not fret.

The WingtraOne can evaluate its own internal and external elements for functional performance prior to it flies. If it can’t remove, it will not!

3. Parrot Bluegrass

Measurements: 50 x 44 x 12 cm
Weight: 1,850 g
Electronic Camera: Wide-angle video camera in 14 MP quality and 1080p complete HD video
Variety: 1.2 mi when utilizing the Parrot Skycontroller 2

✅ Pros

  • Can survey and produce crop information
  • Has a premium video camera efficient in photography and videography
  • Can fly for practically thirty minutes
  • Consists of a sunlight sensing unit as a type of heat security

❌ Cons

  • You need to download the Pix4Dcapture app to make the most out of this drone (it is complimentary, a minimum of!)

When talking about the Parrot brand name, it’s generally in relation to the Anafi, however the producer likewise produces a farming drone called the Bluegrass.

Stated a “multipurpose quadcopter service for farming” by Parrot, the Bluegrass can survey land and map crops with its Sequoia multispectral and RGB sensing units.

It can reach elevations of 230 feet and study as much as 30 hectares per battery, it has photography and videography abilities, and consists of a year’s license for AIRINOV FIRST+, a zoning maps and NDVI service.

All that’s to state this drone is packed with functions to make your daily working life simpler.

The drone uses the Pix4Dcapture navigation app. You pick a location of your farm (or other land) you long for the drone to fly over, and it will do it.

Then, when the Bluegrass completes the task, it returns to you instantly, landing at the point it released from.

The multispectral sensing units work the whole time, taping crop information through wavelengths. That information goes directly to the AIRINOV FIRST+ cloud.

AIRINOV can likewise produce crop health reports based upon the NDVI map information fed to it.

The RBG video camera can take images in 14 MP quality and videos in HD 1080p.

The drone likewise consists of a sunlight sensing unit to avoid it from overheating. The props, which are connected to the drone’s carbon fiber arms, are detachable.

Change in between manual and self-governing flight modes depending upon how you require to utilize the Bluegrass on any specific day.

With the Pix4Dcapture app, you can change settings like the flight elevation, overlap, drone speed, map resolution, surface area size adjustment, and more.

4. DJI Phantom 4 RTK

DJI Phantom 4 Expert+

Remote controller with integrated screen the Phantom 4 Pro controller incorporates an updated Lightbridge HD video transmission system that includes 5.8 GHz transmission Assistance.

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05/20/2023 07:12 pm GMT

Weight: 1,391 g
Flight Time: 30 minutes
Max Speed: 36 miles per hour
Electronic Camera: 1-inch CMOS

✅ Pros

  • Gathers precise land information and sends it to the DJI cloud
  • Has a premium video camera that adjusts the lens to guarantee less operate in post
  • The consisted of Remote Controller has a 5.5-inch, top quality display screen

❌ Cons

  • The Remote Controller, while valuable, is big and large

If it’s taking you too long to do manual mapping, let the DJI Phantom 4 RTK action in and assist.

Geared Up with an RTK module, the Phantom 4 RTK can produce positional information to the centimeter. The precision rate of the information you gather will drive self-confidence in this drone’s future use.

After gathering that information, the drone sends it to the Cloud PPK for Post Processed Kinematics. You do not even need to choose the satellite observation information yourself, which will conserve you a lot more time on the field.

Additionally, you can connect the drone with the Network Transportation of RTCM or the D-RTK 2 High Accuracy GNSS Mobile Station. It’s your call!

Nevertheless, you will require a Wi-Fi hotspot or a dongle for the previous.

You understand that DJI produces outstanding video cameras in its leisure and business drones. It’s no various for the Phantom 4 RTK, that includes a one-inch CMOS sensing unit that records images in 20 MP.

The resolution is excellent, and this drone can even shoot images on the go thanks to a mechanical shutter to prevent blur.

The drone adjusts the lens whenever you shoot an image and conserves settings in metadata. When you fill up your images in post, you’ll have all the info you require right there in front of you.

TimeSync keeps the RTK module, video camera, and flight controller lined up to additional enhance precision, consisting of image metadata.

For instance, if the placing information isn’t best in the lens’s optical center, TimeSync will reset it. That’s simply another method of lots of that the Phantom 4 RTK conserves you important time.

The Remote Controller consisted of with your drone has a screen for running the DJI GSS RTK app.

You can set drone flight specifications through the app, from Block Division to Surface Awareness, Waypoint Flights, and Photogrammetry in 2D or 3D.

The display screen is 5.5 inches and has HD quality.

Transfer your captures effortlessly utilizing DJI’s relied on OcuSync transmission system, which can send out images in HD quality throughout 7 kilometers.

5. DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Measurements: 810 x 670 x 430 mm unfolded and with props
Weight: 930 g
Max Speed: 23 m/s in Sport Mode
Max Flight Time: 55 minutes
Water Resistant Ranking: IP45
Electronic Camera: FPV video camera

✅ Pros

  • Exceptional at challenge avoidance with 6 sensing units
  • Has a sophisticated variation of OcuSync called OcuSync Business
  • Can fly for 55 minutes
  • Water resistant drone

❌ Cons

  • It’s costly (although not the costliest on the list!)

A sturdy business drone that is worthy of an area on this list, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK has more of the functions you’re searching for when you wish to get work done.

The Matrice 300 RTK consists of among the very best variations of OcuSync you’ll see in a DJI drone, OcuSync Business.

Now you can transfer video footage at a range of 15 kilometers, and this variation of OcuSync will keep triple-channel video as much as 1080p.

As other variations of OcuSync deal, the Business edition will go from one frequency to another to discover the one with the least quantity of disturbance.

You can likewise transfer your information with more guarantee thanks to the consisted of file encryption.

Wind does not stop this bad kid, as it’s created for wind resistance of as much as 15 meters per second. That allows the Matrice 300 RTK to fly unconfined for practically an hour.

You’ll discover it simple to optimize your workflow with this drone at hand.

While it consists of one down gimbal, you can reconfigure the drone to deal with 2 down gimbals and one upward gimbal or simply one upward gimbal.

As soon as you have actually got it established and the drone released, utilize the consisted of remote to tape-record the drone as it flies.

This will teach the Matrice 300 RTK to automate its operations, whatever from just how much it zooms to land photography to the orientation of the gimbal.

Flying is likewise simpler with method more than 60,000 waypoints to select from!

Consisted Of Main Flight Show figures out the existence of barriers so the Matrice 300 RTK can fly securely. Even more, the drone has 6 sensing units throughout its body to find risks at 40 meters ahead.

Water Resistant (with a score of IP45) and efficient in enduring temperature levels down into the negatives, this drone likewise boasts a self-heating battery so that even in wintry conditions, it still keeps going.

You can count on the Matrice 300 RTK for any sort of fieldwork.

What to think about when purchasing a farming drone

We simply suggested a handful of wonderful farming drones, however the issue ends up being, how to select simply one? This purchaser’s guide will point you in the best instructions!

Here are some crucial factors to consider to mull over as you limit your choice.


As our evaluations revealed, the range of functions a farming drone has can run the range.

Lots of are created for surveying with high-grade video cameras that sync to cloud systems and move information. Others can fertilize your crops so you do not need to.

Just you can choose which includes noise the most enticing to you, however whatever you’re searching for, you’ll discover no lack of choices.

Battery life

This is a significant factor to consider. If your drone’s battery does not last long, it will not have the ability to study or cover the whole scope of your field.

Your drone needs to have a battery life of a minimum of thirty minutes, however double that is more perfect.


Then there’s the matter of rate, which may be the most crucial factor to consider. Farming drones start at about $5,000, however the majority of expense a minimum of two times that, and some thrice it.

These are customized drones, so they’re not going to have a low-cost rate point.

When you think about that the majority of the farming drones on the marketplace originated from DJI, that can even more discuss the priciness.

So there you have it, a collection of hard-working farming drones that can allow you to take a more hands-off method to how you run some elements of your farming organization.

Although they’re a high in advance financial investment, these drones repay dividends later on in time and expense savings!

1. USDA ( link)

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