Drone Rules & Laws – How to Properly Translate Them

Today’s program has to do with drone guidelines and policies, and how to properly analyze them.

Our caller for today, Donald if in a repair. He wishes to be an accountable, obedient drone pilot. However like lots of, he is puzzled by the airspace guideline language that is open to numerous analyses.

You will discover how to carry out a smart risk/reward evaluation so that you can figure out when (and when not) to forge ahead. You will discover how to have significant and more efficient discussions with police officers in today’s program.

If you are likewise discovering yourself flummoxed by the airspace laws, going through our Drone Advocacy Package will undoubtedly assist you out.

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  • [01:09] Today’s concern has to do with the drone guidelines and policies, and how they are prone to numerous analyses
  • [04:58] How are regional authorities imposing drone laws?
  • [06:30] Should you forge ahead when it concerns drone policies? Discover how to carry out a risk/reward evaluation
  • [08:12] How can Drone U assist you interact better with police authorities? Have a look at our Drone Pilot Advocacy Package today!
  • [11:22] Flying properly and doing your bit for much safer skies

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