This Vintage Furnishings Dealership Likes Her Mies van der Rohe Armchairs

What purchases “worth it”? The response is various for everyone, so we’re asking a few of the coolest, most shopping-savvy individuals we understand– from small-business owners to designers, artists, and stars– to inform us the story behind one of their most treasured ownerships.


After residing in New york city City for 7 years, Feline Ward Carothers chose to leave the busy city and calm down with her other half in Dallas She was prepared for a slower-paced life and a profession modification from her function developing business areas for WeWork Once she showed up in Texas and attempted her hand at property interior decoration, she recognized that wasn’t rather best for her either. “I wished to return to the ornamental arts,” she remembers. “I discovered that I was way more enthusiastic about items and furnishings than all of the other things that enter into interior decoration.”

Feline leans on among her MR20 armchairs, with plaster art work by Alan McCollum behind her.

Feline Ward Carothers

Feline turned this surprise into her dream task by starting The Selby Home, a classic furnishings studio that is bringing New york city’s diverse style perceptiveness to the South. Called for Feline’s fantastic fantastic fantastic grandpa, George D. Selby, and the shoe business he established in 1880, the studio sources and brings back renowned and one of a kind 20th-century pieces. “I like to call my design a conscious mix,” Feline explains. “I like things that are French farmhouse however likewise postmodern or Italian. I blend various times, designs, and origins. It’s not simply one particular design, which I discovered was missing out on in the Dallas location.”


Obviously, Feline’s own house is stuffed with classic gems. Her most cherished discover is a set of MR20 cantilever walking stick armchairs by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Developed in 1927 for an exhibit, the sculptural tubular steel seat was the very first of its kind. The chair was then mass-produced in Germany in the early 1930s, prior to production stopped throughout The second world war. However the design was so popular that it reemerged after the war and was ultimately made by Knoll in the 1950s, which is most likely when Feline’s set was crafted.

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