power – Blackscreen on 27″ iMac 2017 

I have actually discovered an issue. Led 3 and 4 will not lightup.

I have actually called a Apple repair work service and their judgement was not what I wished to hear.

The Mac has an issue with the video powersupply as the 3th. led will not illuminate. Most likely, the video card corrupt or death. As the fourth. led likewise will not illuminate, there even may be another issue. The powersupply is okay, the fan works, usb outlets work along with far they have the ability to charge an iPhone otherwise.

The decision: your Mac has probaby passed away by a power management faciliteiten in the Reasoning board. Your iMac requires a brand-new Reasoning board and perhaps a brand-new SSD and or RAM also. Worrying the screen, we just understand of that needs to be changed when we set up a brand-new logicboard.

It will cost more cash to fix than purchasing a reconditioned one.

So, … up until now the life of my iMac 27″ Retina w. SSD, just personal utilized once a week for Picture modifying because november 2017.

Do not believe I purchase a brand-new iMac once again. It was a costly computer system and passed away simply after 5 years and a couple of months.

Thank you all for your input.

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