Chicago’s Sanctuary City Awakening – WSJ

Posturing as a “sanctuary city” utilized to be enjoyable when it implied withstanding Donald Trump, now the migrant crisis is all over. “We just run out shelters, areas, or resources,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot states in a letter Sunday to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. “Though I am understanding to the substantial difficulties that border cities deal with, this scenario is totally illogical.”

And the scales fall. Because last summer season, when Mr. Abbott started sending out busloads of migrants Chicago method, “we have actually carried the obligation of taking care of more than 8,000 guys, ladies, and kids without any resources of their own,” Ms. Lightfoot states. That’s absolutely nothing beside El Paso, which today stated a state of emergency situation, as it braces for completion of Title 42 pandemic expulsions. The El Paso Times points out price quotes of about “10,000 to 12,000 migrants in Juárez,” waiting to cross into the U.S.

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